Consultancy, Customs Agency and Insurance Services

Filog Logistics, whose sector target has always been land, sea, air, multimodal project transportation and special product transportation, has added value to the companies by not only transportation services but also logistics and consultancy from beginning to end, and has always provided superiority to its customers in the sector due to cooperation.

Consulting and Procurement:
  • Customs procedures and Tracking in Turkey
  • Textile factory in Mersin Free zone, Turkey (3100m2 closed area, 240 employees, monthly production capacity of 100,000 pieces)
  • Finding customers in China for the desired commodity from China to Turkey or directly from China to Europe and providing consultancy or supply of goods for you together with all logistics processes.

Insurance Transactions:
  • Commodity Transport Insurance
When requested by the customer, we create a policy from our own reliable insurance centa as soon as possible.
  • FFL (Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance)
FFL Insurance covers the responsibilities arising from transportation contracts, as well as the transportation or storage of goods, regarding transportation, transportation, storage or other transportation works of carriers or companies that provide international transportation (Land, Airway, Seaway, Railroad) and storage services. It is the policy that guarantees with the terms and limits specified in the policy.

The policy coverage starts under the terms of the CMR Convention and ends with the delivery to the buyers written in the contract of carriage. Liabilities arising from the fact that the transportation signed by the insured with the customer complies with the general policy conditions and the standard FIATA bill of lading conditions are covered by the policy.
  • CMR (Conversion Marchandise Routier)
All of your cargo is transported under CMR insurance as it should be in land transportation.

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