We are carrying off shipments of the below countries as loads FTL and LTL ;

We have 15 years experience at tranportation and logistics

We have specialized in low-emission vehicles for cost-optimized complete solutions for road transport.

We offer you from a package up to a complete truck or from refrigerated transports to special transports, the optimal solution for you.

FTL Full truck loads

  • Tilt trucks from 2,70 to 3,00 m
  • Space for 33 EUR-PAL
  • Loading possible from back, side and top
  • Payload for TR: 22 TO gross
  • Payload for EU: 24 TO gross

Thermo loads

  • For every season 24 hours professional handling
  • From -25 ° C to + 25 ° C
  • Tamper-proof documentation
  • Pharma transports - GDP
  • Also thermo-guided LTL shipments

LTL Less truck loads (Click for LDM Calculation)

  • With tilt, box and frigo trucks
  • Starting already from 1 PAL
  • Door to door
  • Own warehouse in Austria(Wien), Germany(Duisburg) and Turkey(Istanbul, Mersin)
  • Weekly truck departure from Turkey to Austria 
  • Weekly truck departure from Austria to Turkey 
  • DE,NL , BE and GB weekly truck exit from Turkey İstanbul
By working with us, you can be sure that your loads are in safe hands. Filog Logistics delivers your loads to all over the world in a timely and safe manner with minimum cost for you.
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