We organize export, import and transit goods in international air transport with the participation of the most reliable carriers in both scheduled and charter flights. Air transport of goods is called air transport or air transport delivery.

Respectively, air transport is divided into the following types:

General Transportation (simple transportation), delivery to the destination (including delivery not only to a country or city airport, but also by air or by land to the customer) (warehouse), provided that the service customer is the owner of the goods being transported. The main advantage of “General Transport ir is the high speed and reliability of delivery.

Associated air transport is an air cargo delivery type that involves the use of free transport (or the available loading area on board) in the required direction. The advantage of this type of traffic is usually low shipping costs.

Consolidated Transport is the most common form of transport for single-piece or small-scale shipments. In this case, the goods are consolidated for temporary storage (usually in the airport warehouse) from different senders (collected and stored) and shipped when they reach their optimum quantity. Generally, this method is suitable for transporting goods over long distances, however, taking into account the storage time in the airport warehouse, it can make delivery much faster than on land or sea deliveries.

Filog Logistics has a worldwide network of partners (including both airlines and road transport partners and shipowners). All this allows us not only to choose the best route and the best fare for our customers' cargo delivery, but also to offer an alternative delivery way according to the customer's requirements.

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