What is the intermodal transporting process?

First, the cargo is delivered to the port or port by suitable road transport (low road, container, truck, refrigerator) and the cargo is delivered. Shipping port (port or port) until the end of delivery port.

When planning an intermodal transport, We offer transport one of the many different costs and methods of means of transport, such as the type of cargo, the urgency of delivery, the origin and destination,

Today, intermodal goods transportation is one of the easiest and practical ways of carrying your cargo. This mode of transport provides flexibility in planning delivery routes and is standard.

You can cooperate with Filog Logistics, you will have a personal logistic who will advise you on our time-specific service, various alternative routes and all the relevant information at your center and advise on the status of our centers during.

  • 45' High Cube Container 13,6 x 2,45 x 2,69 m
  • SWAP Cantainer : 13,55 x 2,45 x2,44 m
  • Payload up to 24 TO gross
  • Short preadvise, fast transittime
  • Environmentally friendly transport
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